Sunday, February 24, 2013


This blog is dedicated to the genre of FANTASTIC FILM.

Fantastic Film is comprised of Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy sub-genres.

The genre is also muddied with borderline or marginal sub-genres, such as Mystery and Terror.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a solid database of just Fantastic Film.

The DECADE tabs (for example, "1890's") at the top of the page have alphabetic listings for that decade, including alternate titles and lost films.

The YEAR posts (under "Blog Archive" - at Right) have alphabetic charts for that year, including One-Line Review, subjective Letter Grade, and coded Sub-Genre type.

In the near future, I will publish my treatise upon these proper Categories for the genre.  I fully expect controversy to erupt over that treatise.. or, if not erupt, at least ooze.

Please feel free to leave useful commentary, and please do contact me if you know where I can obtain films I'm missing: 

Thanks and enjoy!